AIMAll Professional 10.05.04

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AIMAll Professional is an advanced software for performing calculations and analyzes related to the molecular wave function found in the standard quantum model. This software is developed by Richard FW Bader’s research group. The high work experience of the developers of this program and the existence of its advanced algorithms have improved its performance. Most of the work is done almost automatically by the software and there is no need for manual intervention. Working with AIMAll Professional is easy and you can expect accurate results. Depending on the resources of your system, the operation of the program can be extremely fast and efficient. The capabilities of the program are high and you can use it to calculate a large number of different parameters.

Systems that have several different processors are supported by this specialized software, and also the main goal of this program, which is to speed things up, has been achieved to a large extent. AIMAll Professional is also able to visually simulate molecular orbitals. Note that the atomic orbitals supported by this software are limited to S, P, D, F, G and H Gaussian types.

Features of AIMAll Professional software:

  • Strong support and regular updates
  • Support for various atomic orbitals
  • Almost fully automatic
  • Speed ​​up calculations and get things done
  • Support for different operating systems

Installation guide

Copy the files in the Crack folder to the software installation location.

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