ANSYS Maxwell 16.02 x64 / 16.0 x86

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ANSYS Maxwell is the flagship of electromagnetic simulation software that has the ability to design and analyze electromagnetic devices such as motors, transformers, sensors and….

Maxwell provides finite and precise elements to answer various electromagnetic problems in the field of electricity. One of the main features of this program is the automated solution process in which you only need to determine the geometric shape and properties of the materials used in it and the desired result. From this point of view, Maxwell automatically creates accurate and efficient forms to answer the problem. The automated matching process has been proven to eliminate complexity from the analysis process and allow you to enjoy simple and efficient design.

Features and characteristics of ANSYS Maxwell software:

  • Find solutions for electric cars
  • Advanced modeling capability
  • Ability to automatically generate the design, by specifying inputs and outputs

Download ANSYS Maxwell 16.02 x64

Download ANSYS Maxwell 16.0 x86

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