AnyDesk 6.0.7 Multilingual for Windows

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Although you can not exchange different files with this software, you can paste the data copied to your Clipboard to other systems, and also if you have taken a screenshot from another system, You can have it in your system and save it in PNG format. In addition, an unattended connection is supported, allowing you to connect to the system you want, without having to allow access from another system. Of course, to use this feature, you must set a password so that not everyone can access your systems. For each user connection, you can grant the necessary permissions or otherwise disable them.

Features of AnyDesk:

  • AnyDesk supports one-way connections.
  • Suitable user interface for beginners
  • Simultaneous connection to several different systems
  • Ability to copy Clipboard on different systems

Download AnyDesk 6.0.7 Multilingual

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