AOMEI OneKey Recovery Customization / Professional 1.6.2

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OneKey Recovery is a tool developed by AOMEI Technology to create a custom recovery partition designed to back up and restore the system with one key recovery. OneKey is used to back up systems and create a factory partition where the system backup image is stored on the system disk. By default, the recovery partition is hidden. This tool restores the computer to factory settings or to previous backup mode. Returns. There are five versions of AOMEI One Key Recovery: Free, Professional, Premium, Technician and Customization. All versions have the same basic functions, however more features in paid versions include:  backup from one system to another ,  change backup compression level, There is a system rebuild for local disk or external disk and so on. Some computers require you to download Windows AIK to run the software. All versions require sufficient disk space to store the system image.

Features and capabilities of OneKey Recovery:

  • Backup system :Select an existing partition to allocate the necessary amount of free space to create a recovery partition, to prevent backup images from being damaged, the recovery partition is hidden by default.
  • System Restore : Restore the computer to factory settings or an earlier backup mode. This is the best way to bring back things that happen by accident. Supports restoring the system to the original location or another location.
  • Quick Recovery System : After backing up the system, you can press a special button . A key F1 or by default when you start the computer into Windows PE environment and then automatically launch the AOMEI OneKey Recovery.

Download AOMEI_OneKey_Recovery_Customization_1.6.2

Download AOMEI_OneKey_Recovery_Professional_1.6.2

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