Archery Masters 3D 1.21 for Android +2.3

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Archery Masters 3D game is a very attractive game for Android, which is in the style of sports. In this game, you have to participate in various competitions using archery and shoot. This game has different environments for competitions. Also, various tournaments have been created for it, the most famous of which are friendly competitions, world competitions and the World Archery League. Targeting and shooting in this game is very smooth and easy so that you will not face any problem to hit the target. The physics of the game is also acceptable. This game can be called a suitable simulation for archery that has been released for Android phones and tablets and you can enjoy it. Career mode is also included in this game, which is in stages and you can play in it.

Features and Features of Archery Masters 3D:

– Very natural aiming in the game just like archery in real time
– has different shooting environments, each of which will be a different experience for you.
– Has three examples of different tournaments: friendly competitions, world and….
– Has a world archery league
– Has a very attractive and pleasant career mode
– Psychological control of the game to help you in a shooting simulation game
– Has realistic physics
– Has many stages and different challenges during each stage

Download Archery Masters 3D 1.21 regular version

Download Archery Masters 3D 1.21 Infinite Money Edition

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