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ATIR STRAP is an engineering software based on the Windows platform that deals with static and dynamic analysis of buildings, bridges and other structures. The software also includes modules for the design of steel and flat concrete sections in accordance with international codes of the United States, Europe and Canada. Solution time for large models on computers with four processors is reduced by 90%. ATIR STRAP software is one of the most comprehensive structural analysis software on the market today, which is very easy to use due to its excellent user interface. This software provides engineers with a powerful and cost-effective tool that can analyze and design a wide range of skeletal structures such as buildings, towers, bridges, and more. ATIR STRAP has used graphic inputs for the generation of models. You can print any design and import it into other documents.

Features and facilities of ATIR STRAP:

  • Includes a standard wizard library that allows you to define your model with several parameters. This library may be enhanced by the user.
  • Copy and rotate any part of the model without worrying about duplication
  • Powerful submodeling feature for assembling complex structures with duplicate components
  • Option to delete multiple submodels simultaneously
  • Define an area with different elements and thicknesses
  • Print results for the whole set in one command

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Download ATIR STRAP_2018 Build 105

Download ATIR BEAMD 2018 Build 104

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