Bentley SewerCAD CONNECT Edition

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Bentley SewerCAD is a unique software from Bentley for designing and analyzing sewage collection networks. Using this software, you can easily design and analyze various systems and methods of implementing urban and interurban sewage. It is possible to build and manage different hydraulic models in this software. One of the important issues in the design of these networks is a good estimate of the amount of sewage loads. The amount of wastewater entering the network on average in an area will have a great impact on the type of system implemented. Based on this estimate, the required type of pipes and ducts are selected. This program has a good ability to estimate and allocate wastewater loads and its results can be trusted. This software will also help you in situations where you need to simulate a network under maximum pressure.

Bentley SewerCAD has a good ability to simulate various hydraulic conditions, including conditions under gravitational pressures and double loads, which can be based on these simulated models to make the best decision for the type of system and implementation methods of these networks. A distinctive feature of Bentley products is their ease of use. This software also inherits this feature. It has a simple graphical environment and can easily communicate with different parts of it. The program also has a comprehensive guide with the help of which you can learn different parts of the software.

Features and specifications of Bentley SewerCAD:

  • Ability to build and analyze various types of urban and interurban sewage networks
  • Ability to build and manage hydraulic models
  • Ability to estimate and allocate wastewater loads
  • Ability to simulate the sewer network under gravitational pressures and double inlet loads
  • Provide the best solutions considering budget and cost
  • Significantly reduce network construction, development and maintenance costs

Installation guide

Listed in the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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Download SewerCAD_CONNECT_Edition_V10_Update1_v10.01.01.04

Download Bentley_SewerCAD_SS5_V8i_08.11.05.113

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