Bentley Substation V8i SS8 v08.11.13.140 Update 2

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Bentley Substation is software for designing electrical substations. Using this software, you can produce and design up to 40% faster, allowing you to combine electrical and physical design. Features of this software include avoiding duplication, reducing errors, increasing cooperation with related 3D layout and electrical drawing.

Features and capabilities of Bentley Substation:

  • Speed ​​up construction and increase operations by sharing the 3D model produced in Bentley software
  • Creating Smart Models: Focus on your design process around a smart model instead of a separate set of designs. Create a three-dimensional model made from a database of intelligent objects
  • Production of physical designs of substation: performing three-dimensional design using a catalog of object equipment, using three-dimensional tools for basic network design, lightning protection, cable analysis, etc.
  • Protective design and control of substation: production of related diagrams and cross-references, wiring diagrams, schematic and panel layout, time saving and quality increase with automatic wire numbering, device labeling, error checking and…
  • Substation Estimation: Create an automated report with database components that connect each 3D object and electrical symbol. Publish detailed material invoices, wire length reports, shopping order list and…
  • Production of Substation Delivery: Production of two-dimensional construction plans automatically from the three-dimensional substation model, defining and disseminating design, height and isometric views using adjustable design templates that promote company standards.

Installation guide

Copy the patch file in the Crack folder to the program installation location and run and apply it as Run as admin.

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Bentley Substation V8i SS8 v08.11.13.140 Update 2

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Bentley Substation V8i SS7

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