BioSolveIT SeeSAR 6.1 x86

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BioSolveIT SeeSAR is a widely used software designed and developed by BioSolveIT that has many applications for prototyping and simulating molecular and atomic compounds. Using this software, you will be able to prioritize interactive combinations as well as the evolution of atom and molecule combinations.

This software uses parameter optimization to increase the probability of success in the design and bring the simulated example closer to reality. This software performs an approximate ΔS / ΔH estimate of free energy, which in the new update, the quality in this module has improved. SeeSAR software has one of the simplest user interfaces among modeling software and guides you in modeling by using the appropriate descriptions embedded in each tool. This software uses suitable graphic effects to display atomic bonds and calculates parameters in a fraction of a second.

Features and Features of BioSolveIT SeeSAR

  • Optimize parameters to increase the quality and bring the sample closer to reality
  • Approximate estimation of ΔS / ΔH of free energy
  • Ability to analyze complex statistics
  • Accurate design of complex atomic and molecular graphics using various graphical tools

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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