Blackmagic Fusion Studio 16.2.4 Windows / 16.2 macOS

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Fusion Studio is the name of a very powerful software product of Blackmagic company in the field of graphics. This software is mentioned as one of the most advanced 3D and VR visual effects application software. There are many solutions to achieve your desires, including the features of this software. The software in front of you is very useful for visual effects artists, animated graphic designers and 3D animators. Also, this software is very old software and has more than 30 years of experience.

Many of the Hollywood movies you watch have been edited and prepared using Fusion Studio software. This software also has a very powerful user interface and with its many capabilities keeps you away from the need for other external tools. Also, this software has a very high speed due to its powerful user interface. Also, working with this software is not difficult and you can easily learn it and carry out your creative projects.

Features and specifications of Fusion Studio software:

  • Benefit from a very powerful user interface that simplifies working with this software
  • Supports all familiar name formats
  • Optimal use of 3D and VR tools
  • 3D preview of your projects
  • Easy to learn in order to use this application
  • Very high speed and accuracy of operation

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file.

download link

Download Blackmagic Design Fusion Studio 16.2.4 Build 9 x64

Download Blackmagic Design Fusion Studio 16.2 Build 22 macOS

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