MikroTik RoMON Feature

May 9, 2017 0

 MikroTik Newsletter announced a new feature added to MikroTik RouterOS, RoMON.  This was first discussed at the Mikrotik Miami MUM held earlier this year but is apparently now a part of RouterOS since version 6.38.  So […]

IPv6 over PPPoE – RouterOS v5.10

May 9, 2017 0

IPv6 prefix delegation support comes to PPPoE in RouterOS version v5.10* so for those of you ready to jump onboard this release, here’s my attempt at a best-practice way to set it all up. IPv6 […]

Mikrotik DUAL WAN Load Balancing using PCC method

April 18, 2017 1

Following is a complete script for Mikrotik to combine/load balance two DSL lines. In this example I used MikrotikT RB750 5 ports router. 2 ports were connected with two difference DSL Routers, and 3rd port was connected with User LAN. […]