cebas thinkingParticles for 3ds Max 2018 x64 full

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Cebas ThinkingParticles is a professional plugin for creating particle effects in the film, game and special effects industries. Many best-selling movies and movies have used this tool to create visual effects and special effects. This plugin provides all the tools needed to simulate elements such as rain, explosion, fire, smoke and و that require particles and fine particles. People who specialize in 3D Max , Cinema 4D, Maya software can create special effects within the movie by adding this functional plugin.

Features and Features of Cebas ThinkingParticles:

  • SurfaceForce Operator: Allows you to create a force field and replace particles directly. This new force operator is suitable for creating waves and other effects of particle particles with greater ease and amazing flexibility.
  • WaterLevel: The new particle generator offers many creative ways to create particles. With a simple click you can fill the landscape, pits and lakes created in the scene.
  • OpenVDBShape: A fast light, smoke and cloud tool that offers an optimized multidisciplinary approach to producing surfaces with flexibility and filtering options.
  • ShapeDeform: Provides a completely procedural approach to reshaping objects within thoughtParticles.
  • VolumeDiffusion: Simulating the actual volume release is difficult, but can be done in thinkingParticles. Any particle-dependent value can be accurately and completely validated in a precise volume or physical method. Spread the color, heat or any simple amount.

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file.

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Download Cebas_ThinkingParticles_6.6.0.134_for_3ds_Max_2018_x64

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