Complete Internet Repair full

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A number of computers on the home network may not have access to the Internet for various reasons, such as viruses, trojans, Internet worms, etc .; The internet connection may have been accidentally disabled; Sometimes every time you enter a site, the browser gives an error; Sometimes pop-up errors are displayed that have no specific meaning; In some cases, an error is taken from the system registry; Windows update does not work properly; Sometimes secure websites, such as banking sites, give a security error, and in some cases the site does not open in Internet Explorer , while other browsers open without any problems. Such problems are predicted by this program and can be easily solved.

Features of Complete Internet Repair tool:
Low volume, very simple appearance and function
Portable and no installation required
Fix errors related to both Diap-Up and ADSL internet connection
Fix error opening page in browser
Fix internet problems caused by possible malware

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