Control Station Loop-Pro Tuner 1.9.5879.20182

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Whether you use SLC-based PID Controllers or Logix-based ones, setting up and optimizing loops has historically been a daunting challenge. Manual adjustment can be time consuming and random. Auto-tuning seems to work only with well-controlled loops. Older software had trouble accurately modeling dynamic processes, but with the introduction of specialized Loop-Pro Tuner software, everything changed. Loop-Pro Tuner is an attractive software for setting up the most challenging PID controller loops. This program has proprietary technology that easily connects to your data processes for modeling and tuning. Loop-Pro Tuner supports a wide range of PIDs, PIDEs, and command plugins. This program simplifies the most challenging controller issues. It can connect Live to data processing using FactoryTalk and RSLinx.

Features and specifications of Loop-Pro Tuner software:

  • Unparalleled integration with Rockwell Automation HMI
  • Run through the command line for each PID control loop on the network
  • Supports online and offline process data analysis
  • Work with open and closed data loops
  • Accurate modeling of integrated or non-integrated processes
  • Handling long-term dynamic processes
  • Help analyze data and adjust loops using unique design and instruction-based approaches
  • Access all PID setup sessions for future referrals
  • Simplify the detection of PID blocks on the control network through automatic scanning
  • Multi-model analysis that allows you to evaluate a wide range of dynamic processes.

Installation guide

In the Readme file in the Crack folder.

This version was installed on July 16, 1998 on 64-bit Windows 10 and – as shown in the image – was successfully activated.

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