Coolmuster Android Assistant 4.9.44 Win / 3.0.189 macOS

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How many times have you deleted your phone files by mistake? You have reset the phone a few times before backing up your phonebook and text messages, and you just remember. All this is due to an important mistake, which is not caring about backing up files. Before doing anything, you should save a backup copy of all your important files and information on your phone to another location so that they can be restored in critical situations. With Coolmuster Android Assistant software, this is easily possible. With this program, in a few simple steps, you can back up all files, images, songs, video clips, text messages, phonebook and even call history and save them in another place, such as a computer. Later, if there is a problem with your files, you can restore them with one click.

This program has a beautiful and simple graphical environment, and by connecting the phone via Wi-Fi or USB cable, you can have full access to the internal files of the phone or memory card. It is also possible to view and edit phonebooks, text messages, galleries and other parts of the phone. Of course, to connect via Wi-Fi, it is necessary to install the apk program of this software on your phone or tablet. You can send a text message to a person or group of people via a computer, such as a phone, and use a large computer keyboard to type a text message. It also allows you to install and uninstall Android apps directly from your computer. You can also see the video files inside the phone and the image gallery inside the software.

Features and Features of Coolmuster Android Assistant:

  • Backing up files, image galleries, videos, textbooks, phonebook, etc.
  • Backup and restore with just one click
  • Simple and attractive graphical environment
  • Ability to view files inside the computer
  • Ability to send SMS through the program
  • Connect to the phone via usb or wifi

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Download Coolmuster Android Assistant 4.9.44

Download Coolmuster Android Assistant 4.3.497 Portable

Download Coolmuster Android Assistant for Mac 3.0.189 macOS

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