Cowon JetAudio Plus + Portable free

JetAudio (or jetAudio) is one of the oldest and most popular multimedia player software, which, along with a powerful player, also has good peripherals. This software is a product of the Korean company COWON, a manufacturer of audio and video equipment, and a version of it is available by default on the audio and video players of this company. The user interface of this software is different from other players and each part of the software is a separate window; Of course, a variety of skins are designed for this software that covers all tastes.

Features and specifications of jetAudio Plus VX software:

– Support for common multimedia formats

– Has advanced and complete equalizers for optimal sound

– Having a toolbar suitable for playing audio files

– Tools to rip and burn audio discs

– Powerful audio and video converter

– Compatibility with multi-channel audio systems

– Ability to edit the profile of audio files (Tag Editing)

– Independent tool for cutting the desired part of audio files

– Ability to set the playback speed between 50 to 200%

– Has the ability to record audio and also the tool to combine the recorded audio with the desired audio file

– Support for common subtitle formats

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Download Cowon_JetAudio_Plus_8.1.7.20702_Multilingual

Download Cowon_JetAudio_Plus_8.1.7.20702_Portable

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