Creature Animation Pro 3.72 x64

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Creature Animation is an advanced and professional software for creating 2D animations that allows you to easily animate your digital content. This software has an automatic animation engine for different creatures and with its powerful workflow helps you to produce the most complex animations easily and in a short time. This software is a great tool for game makers, digital artists, and web designers to help them create quality and more valuable content by creating special animations.

Creature Animation uses its new technology to allow you to use a gradual animation system and automatically animate your content. It provides you with a variety of traditional tools such as IK and FK chains, as well as advanced features such as physics control, motion animation production, and 2D motion recording . You can extract animations made by this software in various formats and use them in your desired projects.

Features of Creature Animation:

  • Ability to create animations using an image
  • Automated ossification
  • Ability to change the mesh
  • Define the direction of travel
  • Wind movement engine
  • Sprite group management
  • Rotoscope Images and Videos
  • Convert 3D characters to 2D
  • Artificial intelligence simulates walking

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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