CyberLink ColorDirector Ultra 8.0.2320.0

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CyberLink ColorDirector is one of the best color grading tools for applying video color gamut. One of the most important and attractive steps is to compile Color Grading video files; It is at this stage that by applying various changes to the images, we bring the viewer’s mood to the past; We instill fear in him; We affect them with different emotions or make them happy and sad. At this stage of development, there are almost no specific rules and creativity comes first. Sometimes we have to change the brightness and contrast of the video to coordinate different scenes; Sometimes we have to create more depth with shading techniques and sometimes we focus on a specific subject in the film by using different masks and effects. All of this can be done with Professional ColorDirecor software.

Using this program, you can apply beautiful effects such as HDR on different parts of the movie. Use different cool and warm color tones to induce a feeling of warmth and cold to users. In some cases, for more beauty, you can use the color spectrum with the possibility of defining color levels. CyberLink ColorDirector provides many ready-made templates for different purposes, which will often meet most of your needs with the same default settings. One of the great features of this program is the ability to track frame by frame a particular object in the scene, which allows you to apply effects to a specific part of the movie. With this program, it is even possible to repaint parts of the image.

Features of ColorDirector:

  • Easily apply various effects such as HDR on video files
  • Ability to follow the subject and apply effects on it
  • Adjust the brightness and brightness of the image
  • Possibility of repainting
  • Ability to work on 360-degree video files
  • Easy and fast correction of common image problems

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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