Dolphin Simulator 1.0 for Android +2.3

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Features of Dolphin Simulator:

  • REALISTIC SIMULATOR – You need to stay healthy and quench your hunger and thirst and energy to survive in this wild environment.
  • START YOUR OWN POD – Build your own group and family and raise children and watch them grow
  • EPIC BATTLES – has epic battles between you and other ocean animals
  • BECOME A DOLPHIN – Grow and become an adult dolphin
  • LEVEL UP YOUR DOLPHIN – Upgrade your dolphin using the points you have earned.
  • DYNAMIC WEATHER AND DAY / NIGHT CYCLE – with dynamic day and night cycle system
  • OCEAN SURVIVAL GUIDE – Contains help to find resources, avoid hazards, and map the entire ocean
  • HUGE 3D ENVIRONMENT – 3D environment and 3D objects
  • 24 UNIQUE AQUATIC SPECIES – Includes 24 species of animals that live in the sea and ocean, such as: tropical fish, sea turtles, sharks, killer whales, octopuses, anglerfish, crabs, jellyfish, stingrays, pufferfish, mermaids, megalodon and و.
  • NEW TOUCH-BASED CONTROLS – Easy game control will give you a unique experience.
  • HD GRAPHICS – High quality HD graphics for designing environments and animals
  • GLUTEN-FREE PROMISE – Receive game updates for free without any ads or fees

Download Dolphin Simulator 1.0

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