EverythingMe Launcher 3.2384.15123 for Android +4.0

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This launcher is a launcher that has everything you need. This launcher is a suitable environment for programs, audiences and required information such as location, time of day, your favorite items and..

All your apps and information will remain on your phone and will only be organized in a way that is easier to access.

Features and Features of EverythingMe Launcher:

  • Smart Folders: Organizes applications intelligently.
  • Quick Audience Panel: Easy access to contacts
  • Prediction menu: Predicts what you need based on what you do.
  • The fastest possible search on Android: just type one letter!
  • Chance or Daily Wallpapers: You will be amazed with wallpapers.
  • Smart app discovery: You do not need to search among the millions of apps in the market and you can quickly select the app you want.

Download EverythingMe Launcher 3.2384.15123

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