FIDES DV-Partner Suite 2017 REPACK full

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FIDES DV-Partner are two German companies based in Berlin and Munich that have more than 30 years of experience in providing suitable services for national engineering. Now, together with surveyors, engineers and designers, they offer great software that helps significantly in the field of engineering. This program can help you a lot if you need to dig, tunnel and.. The comprehensive services of this program completely cover and meet all kinds of engineering and graphic needs.

This software works like other popular design programs such as SOFiSTiK and Autodesk, which are mostly known among engineers, and with its unique user interface, it allows you to design a variety of very light structures and.. FIDES DV-Partner is smart and makes things faster for the designer and can save time and money. FIDES DV-Partner has been welcomed by various users around the world, and if you are tired of programs such as Autodesk or for some reason such programs have not been able to meet your needs, you can try this program as well. Make the most of its features.

Features of FIDES DV-Partner software:

  • Tunnel design, light structures, steel systems and….
  • Suitable user interface for designers, engineers, surveyors and…
  • Suitable replacement for software such as SOFiSTiK and Autodesk

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file.

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