Flow Science FLOW-3D CAST Advanced x64

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FLOW-3D CAST is specifically designed for modeling a wide range of casting processes and includes the relevant components required to provide a complete design solution. The combination is an intuitive user interface that uses a progressive approach to guide users to the powerful FLOW-3D finish to provide accurate fill and freeze predictions. FLOW-3D Cast software is available in three levels. So that companies with different needs can choose the most suitable product for their work process and budget.

Features and capabilities of FLOW-3D CAST:

  • Continuous casting with binary separation
  • Gas emission recording and associated defects
  • Drying model moisture in molds and cores
  • Advanced adhesive effects including non-Newtonian viscosity , thinning and thickening, and thixotropic flow
  • Very accurate flow and freezing results
  • Automatic mesh for easy model setup
  • Library of materials for metals, molds and filters
  • Active simulation control
  • Heat transfer and freezing
  • Expandable database for casting alloys, molds and…
  • Temperature dependent properties
  • Filters for flow control
  • Natural convection of molten metal before solidification
  • Cast iron freezing, flow detector, particle modeling and…
  • Ability to run on Linux operating system
  • New simulation management function in the graphical user interface that allows you to better manage your simulation
  • Improved capabilities for gas generation modeling

Installation guide

See the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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