Fox Simulator 1.0 for Android +2.0.1

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Enter the desert and live life like a red fox in Fox Simulator Look for food and smaller animals to hunt in the vast forests. Fox Simulator game to raise your family, raising children, foxes, attacking farms and food supply, the battle for life itself in the face of predators dangerous  , such as bears, cows Wild and Wolf pay.     

Features and features of Fox Simulator:

  • REALISTIC SIMULATOR – You need to stay healthy and quench your hunger and thirst and energy to survive in this wild environment.
  • EPIC BATTLES – Fight other wild animals to survive or compete for your prey
  • START A FOX FAMILY – In the woods and deserts, look for a suitable pair to start a family and raise children, and then as the children grow up, hunt them down and teach them how to survive.
  • LEVEL UP YOUR FOX – Raise your fox level for less damage from blows and increase your attack power
  • FOX SURVIVAL GUIDE – Has a map and guide to survive in the dangerous forest
  • HUGE 3D ENVIRONMENT – A very beautiful and large three-dimensional environment with many details
  • NEW TOUCH-BASED CONTROLS – Easy game control will give you a unique experience.
  • HD GRAPHICS – High quality HD graphics for designing environments and animals
  • GLUTEN-FREE PROMISE – Receive game updates for free without any ads or fees

Download Fox Simulator 1.0

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