Gmail Notifier Pro 5.3.5 Multilingual + Portable

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Gmail Notifier is an application that can check Gmail accounts to display and notify you of new emails. The software also supports Google Calendar, Google Reader, Google News, Google Drive, Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter and RSS / Atom feed services.

Gmail Notifier Features and Features:

  • Check multiple Gmail accounts, including Google Apps, for new emails
  • Support for Atom and IMAP protocols for email
  • Supports customizable themes and personal account settings
  • Read, write, reply, preview and save attachments, mark as read, delete email without the need for a browser
  • Integrate with Google Calendar accounts to display reminders for calendar events
  • Receive information and news from Google News and Google Reader
  • Support RSS / ATOM feeds to receive notifications from any news source
  • Define a schedule for checking email and displaying notifications
  • Secure Account Management and Encrypted Communication (HTTPS / SSL)

Download Gmail_Notifier_Pro_5.3.5_Multilingual

Download Gmail_Notifier_Pro_5.3.5_Multilingual_Portable

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