Golden Software Strater 5.4.948 x86 / x64

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Strater is a powerful software for visualizing, analyzing and interpreting subsurface structures, well surveying operations, stratigraphic information as well as boreholes. Using this program, earth science engineers can easily design and analyze subsurface structures in a simple and orderly graphical environment. This program is designed in such a way that it requires the least user involvement with text commands, and therefore novice users can get acquainted with the capabilities of the program in a very short time and use it in their educational or real projects.

This software is compatible with a wide range of different data formats and is able to display data in the form of 14 different types of reports and charts. Strater displays different sections of subsurface structures with different colors and users are able to display any part of the section Select and add more details individually. The reports generated by this program are not limited to these 14 items and we can design reports based on our needs by using different settings. At each stage of the project you can return the changes to the previous stages. In the printing section, you can also send information about different wells and drillings to the printer in batches.

Strater allows you to define different templates based on project settings and use these templates in future projects. This way, there is no need to repeat the operation in other projects and you can achieve the desired result in the shortest time. This program has a high flexibility in design and with its graphical and simple user interface, it has made it very easy for both novice and professional users to visualize subsurface data.

Installation guide

Use the serial in the Serial.txt file to register the software.

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