GreyscaleGorilla HDRI Pro Studios METAL 07 x64 full

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Pro Studios METAL is a development package for rendering software to improve the lighting of scenes and objects. This package provides over 45 quality HDRI images for use in software such as Cinema 4D , which can be opened with HDRI Link and HDRI Studio Rig programs. These images are in fact the same HDR images with 32-bit depth, which in a few Different exposures and exposures are shot from a single subject. These images are combined in software such as Photoshop to form a single image with a wide dynamic range. These images have a very high quality and due to the existence of different light layers, they are a good choice for the light sources of rendering scenes and polishing scene objects.

Without the use of these images, it is almost impossible to polish and reflect the environment, because as the light intensity decreases, the dark parts of the image lose their detail, and so as the light increases, some of the information in the bright parts of the image is lost. However, there is a lot of information in HDRI images and its details are not lost in different lighting conditions, which is exactly why the size of these images is high. But there is always a gap between HDRI images and metal rendering scenes, so finding an image that strikes a good balance between contrast and brightness is not an easy task. But in the present collection, these problems have been considered and different images with different highlights and grids have been placed, which will be widely used in scenes such as electrifying metal surfaces and reflecting the external environment on these surfaces.

Features and characteristics of Pro Studios METAL:

  • 45 high quality HDRI images at different brightness levels
  • The resolution of each image is 6000 by 3000 pixels
  • Can be used in two environments HDRI Studio Rig and HDRI Link

Installation guide

Text files are specified in each folder.

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