HitmanPro 3.8.18 Build 312 x64 / x86 Multilingual

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HitmanPro is a good antivirus supplement to increase the security of your system. Using this program, you can detect and destroy all kinds of malware and malicious files, including viruses, trojans, spam, rootkits, Internet worms, and so on. You may ask, despite the antivirus software, why is it necessary to use these tools? The first reason is the increase in security layers. When a virus escapes your antivirus, it may be trapped in the security tour of this program. On the other hand, building a security system based on a combination of power and intelligence is the right decision. Most antiviruses are added to the antivirus database after a while, based on the signatures of the files and the confirmation of their attacks on the system, and users are protected against the mentioned attack by updating their antivirus. But what if they do not update?

This is where behavioral antivirus comes in handy. These antivirus programs, which HitmanPro uses in the same way, do not require much updating of the database because the virus detection method is different in these applications. The antivirus detects malicious actions based on the malicious actions that a file performs, interferes with Windows processes and hotspots, and quarantines them to prevent damage. Because the behavior of an executable file is more algorithm-based than database, there is little need for updates in this type of antivirus. Often the available updates are just to update executable algorithms and make the behavioral process smarter. Since the volume of this antivirus is not large and like other heavyweight antiviruses, it does not consume a lot of resources from the system, there is no excuse to leave it.


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