HOMER Pro 3.11.2 x64

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HOMER pro is one of the best specialized software for designing microgrid networks of electricity, designed by HOMER Energy. This program is used to model and optimize hybrid renewable energy systems called HRES. This energy supply system has many applications in remote areas. Homer software enables the analysis of energy production sources by modeling energy sources such as solar energy, wind energy, wave energy, energy storage devices such as batteries, reformers, flywheels and hydrogen tanks and other control and consumption systems involved in the energy supply process.

HOMER is the answer to all your questions in the field of production and supply of energy from renewable sources, optimal calculations and economic efficiency of these systems. In fact, without the need for additional cost and time by changing different parts of the system, you can see the results quickly and clearly. In fact, designing these systems requires testing and modifying the values ​​of thousands of variables, all of which can be tested in the real world, if not impossible, but very difficult and illogical.

For this reason, Homer software is designed to make such tests possible. For example, variables such as wind speed, solar intensity, fuel consumption and many more can be quantified and you can see the results instantly and with high accuracy. One of the good features of this program is the ability to accurately simulate the system over different time periods. For example, after designing the system, you can check its status at intervals of one minute to one year and ensure its optimal performance.

Features and Features of HOMER:

  • Modeling of various energy sources and components involved in HRES systems
  • Possibility of comprehensive system simulation
  • Ability to change the values ​​of different variables and compare the results with each other
  • Ability to estimate the final costs and the efficiency of the system

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

Version 3.10.3 was installed on 12 Azar 96 in Windows 10 64-bit version and was successfully cracked.

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