IHS Kingdom Suite Advanced 2017.0 x64

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IHS Kingdom is creative software in the field of earth sciences or geosciences. This program is used as a leading product in various industries and has made major improvements so far, such as: dynamic updating of land maps, automatic separation and marking of roads on the map, three-dimensional geology, determination of faults and land features And… . In fact, geophysical engineers and engineers of other branches of earth sciences with maximum efficiency can use the common platform provided by this product together and increase their productivity.

IHS Kingdom is Windows-based software developed by thousands of earth science, geophysical, and other earth science-related engineers worldwide (over 100 countries) to evaluate, develop, and plan for potential oil and gas reservoirs. It is used for drilling these points in both traditional and modern methods. Of course, by adding 3D construction capabilities in the field of geology, this program becomes a versatile product for terrestrial research. The IHS Kingdom Suite enables geologists and geophysicists to easily and dynamically translate time-based dynamic data into usable information, a task that in the past may have taken several hours to complete.

Features and specifications of IHS Kingdom software:

  •  Convenient user interface
  • 3D view of land features and faults and…
  • Recognize roads and routes on the map in color
  • Update maps dynamically and live
  • Ability to produce three-dimensional maps of the earth
  • Special application for oil drilling and exploration of gas and potential oil reservoirs
  • Ability to plan drilling operations
  • Dynamic depth conversion
  • Dynamic map updates
  • Geological interpretation in three-dimensional space
  • Accurate decision making with geophysical influence and engineering interpretation in Pojeh database and similar platform
  • Windows-based, easy-to-use tool that combines all the features needed for accurate and advanced evaluation.
  • Provide advanced knowledge to evaluate key reservoir types such as carbonates, deep water and unconventional
  • Discover hidden information from seismic data by generating seismic properties and visualizing them in three-dimensional space
  • Easy interpretation of information by processing it by resampling, scaling, filtering and algorithm
  • Enable maximum collaboration and interpretation efficiency with multiple users and multi-author capabilities
  • Establish large regional studies and detailed analysis

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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IHS Markit Kingdom Advanced 2017.0 v11.0 build 199

Download Section 1 – 1 GB

Download Part 2 – 553 MB

Download IHS Kingdom_SQL Server Express Utilities

Download IHS Kingdom Advanced 2016.1 v10.1 Build 130 x64

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