Intergraph SmartSketch 2014 R1 v08.01.00.0134

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Intergraph SmartSketch is an innovative product for technical management, combining the world business chart with the award-winning design technology. SmartSketch is a versatile, cost-effective precision engineering and design product. The software has powerful features such as parametric and relationships that enable the implementation of design changes quickly and efficiently, and automatically maintain relationships between geometric elements and support parametric graphics. These two functions enable users to significantly increase productivity and quality in design. SmartSketch also provides a design editor for SmartPlant 3D and SmartMarine 3D, both inside and outside the software.

Features and Features of Intergraph SmartSketch:

  • Relationships: Automatically create relationships between geometric elements, significantly reduce editing time, provide fast prototyping during design iterations, improve design accuracy and time
  • Parametric: Allow users to examine the scenarios designed by launching them as a function of different design parameters
  • CAD Translation: Translating data references from other CAD products allows you to view and edit CAD data.
  • Microsoft Office Compatible : Provides the ability to cut, copy, paste, and link across Microsoft Windows applications that allow users to combine project documents with graphics, text, and extensive information.
  • View document updates on objects and symbols by labels
  • Intelligent routing that maintains communication between objects and symbols.
  • Add dimension to a group of simple elements
  • New capabilities of chain selection, reverse selection and method and turning off the filter
  • Resize sheet positions in a document

Installation guide

Listed in the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

Version 5 is registered with the series.

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