Intuisphere WebAcappella Professional 4.6.16

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WebAcappella is a beautiful and easy-to-use software for quickly designing unique and responsive websites. Using this program, you can easily design responsive / responsive websites in a short time, so that in all systems, including desktop computers, laptops, Display tablets and smartphones properly. Website design at a professional level is a specialized and complex task, but sometimes beginners or even professionals under certain circumstances need to design a simple website with the least amount of time possible, this is where website design programs like WebAcappella work. Show.

Using these programs does not require prior knowledge about site design, easily design and prepare your site in a short time by dragging different graphic elements on the page and determining the logical relationship between them and different pages. You can make the desired changes to the parts you have designed at any time. WebAcappella responsive design is based on Bootstrap technology, finally this software provides you with a creative WYSIWYG environment with high customization so that you can easily turn your mental ideas into a beautiful website.

Features and specifications of WebAcappella:

  • Manage distances and margins of different elements
  • Having a large number of predefined templates
  • Ability to integrate with Google Web Fonts
  • Possibility of style design
  • Ability to use text, image, color selection, and…
  • Ability to create a web image gallery
  • Ability to design navigation menus with different styles
  • Ability to assign different operations to buttons
  • Contact form design
  • Ability to use maps
  • Ability to change html codes manually
  • Support for audio and video elements
  • Ability to use meta title and explanatory tags
  • Publish the site with just one click

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