IObit Malware Fighter Pro Multilingual

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Malware Fighter is a powerful tool for clearing viruses and spyware. This program is able to detect and suffocate all kinds of security threats including viruses, keyloggers, trojans, worms, rootkits, etc. with its powerful engine. The engine of this security tool is dual-core and has been improved and implemented uniquely. The program is also able to monitor and report suspicious behavior of software. This software is able to detect and destroy all types of surface and deep attacks, including rootkits hidden in the lower layers of the operating system.

The program has a beautiful user interface and most importantly is a product of IObit. A company that has proven its ability to build Windows tools by offering several unique products. If we want to mention some of the important features of this software, first we will point out the simplicity of its operation. This app and all IObit apps are known for being one-click. Here, too, you can start the system scan operation with just one click, and at the end, a report of threats is presented, where you can also clear the definite cases with one click.

Important feature of IObit Malware Fighter:

Another important feature of this program is its high power in detecting malware that intends to bypass security coverage with sophisticated algorithms, and in fact intends to bypass security solutions by mimicking the performance of healthy programs. The next point is the high speed of this program. Thanks to the improved dual-core engine, the scanning and detection speed of this tool is very high and you will not have to wait long for even large disks of data. In the end, you can use this program as a very good complement to the antivirus. The program does not interfere with antivirus and you can use this software at the same time along with antivirus.


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