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ePub to PDF Converter, as its name implies, is a program for converting epub e-books to the popular PDF format. The epub format is one of the most popular formats among e-readers and tablets such as iPad, iPhone, Tip, Cobo, Sony Ebook Reader, Kindle and.. One of the advantages of this format is the compatibility of the book size with the host device. This means that if you open the book on your mobile phone, the font and page size are automatically adjusted so that you can easily read without the need for horizontal scrolling.

Of course, this format will be more useful for portable and small devices. On desktop computers, PDF format is usually preferred by users due to better formatting and compatibility with different systems. PDF is also a format that can be easily secured. For this category of files can define restrictions on printing, copying and.. On the other hand, sometimes the PDF version of the book we are looking for does not exist on the Internet and there are only copies like ePub.

In this case, you can use this program to convert epub file to pdf format. This software does not disturb the formatting during conversion and provides a exactly the same version in PDF format. One of the advantages of this program is the possibility of batch conversion of files. If you have a lot of books in ipap format in your archive and you want to get rid of them, install ePub to PDF Converter and convert them all to PDF with one click. The user interface of the program is almost nothing strange, you choose the input file and the output storage path. The program does everything itself.

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