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Lansweeper is a software for managing IT assets and scanning networked devices. This software can scan and identify all networked devices with IP and workstations of Windows, Linux, and Mac and index them. The deep scan engine of this software uses a set of different protocols to identify and receive data from any device connected to the network. All received data can be stored in an SQL Compact or SQL Server database.

Lansweeper software has an open design in the database, so the reporting operation is performed using standard SQL Server database query and it is possible to create it visually by internal software tools. In addition to software and hardware monitoring, this tool has other features such as software development module for distributing software, updating or scripting on a Windows computer, and support for the ticketing system.

Lansweeper Features and Features:

  • Manage all IT assets
  • Scan networked devices
  • Hardware and software monitoring
  • Scan, identify and index IP-enabled devices
  • Use different protocols to get information
  • Store data in a SQL Compact or SQL Server database
  • Visual reporting
  • Development module for software distribution
  • Ticket system support

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