Metacomp CFD ++ 14.1.1 Win64

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CFD ++ is a valuable software for simulating compressible, incompressible, constant and vibrating flows and fluids. CFD ++ simulates a wide range of speed modes, including low speeds such as subsonic, sonic and ultrasonic and ultrasonic speeds. The simulation of sheet and turbulent particles, various state equations, multiphase effects, cavitation and heat (such as the transport of radiant energy) and fixed and moving objects is very advanced in this software. CFD ++ is a simple treatment for complex geometries that solves structured, unstructured, multi-block geometries by uniting them. In addition, this software can manage connected and inverted networks. Using code adaptability, you can use various elements such as hexagonal, prismatic, pyramidal and cubic elements in 3D, quadrilateral and triangular elements in 2D and linear elements in 1D in networks and meshes. Use the same.

CFD ++ software features:

  • Efficient simulation of reaction flows at low and high speeds
  • Waves, drops and flames of explosion
  • Ability to predict separate / reverse flows and unlimited penetration rates
  • LES for reactive currents
  • Sliding and overturning grids for flow around and inside the body in relative motion
  • Multidimensional concatenation to maintain the longitudinal background

Installation guide

  • Install the program.
  • Copy license.dat to the program installation location.
  • In the first run of the program, if you are asked for a license, select the “Specify the License File” option and follow the path below:
  • Next> Browse> license.dat> Open> Next> Finish

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