MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free

 MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free

Limit by file type
Includes optical media
1GB limit

MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free is the only program in this round up which provides you with essential advice during the installation: do not install the software to the drive you want to recover data from, as you may overwrite files.

This version is free, but there are paid-for editions available as well, so you will realise that there are a few restrictions.

You can only recover 1GB of data, you don’t have the option of saving scan results to work with later, and a few other options are missing – but there’s absolutely nothing that stops this from being a great free recovery utility, aside from the occasional ad here and there.

You can limit scans to specific files types, and MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free is capable of getting files back from partitions you are not even able to see, and there’s support for removable drives including optical media.

Scans are pleasingly fast, and results are searchable to make it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for. A superb piece of software that worth of your attention.