MixBooth 2.2 for Android +2.3

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MixBooth is a very interesting Android application in which you can select both images you want and combine them with each other and finally get a mixed image. Think about it, for example, you choose a face from one of your friends and another face from yourself, then for example you can add your friend’s beard and mustache to yourself and replace your hairstyle with your friend. This app easily does this for you. You can select images from the gallery and combine them, or use the phone’s camera and auto face detection feature to take the images you need and then proceed to combine them. Also the sharing feature included in the app will help you share the created images with your friends.

Features and Features of MixBooth:

– Working with images taken by your Android phone or images in the gallery
– Crop images automatically by the program using Auto face detection
– Face change will be done quickly and you do not need any internet.
– Shake the phone to view images before and after the app changes
– Scroll to see all images created by the app in the app gallery
– Save images on your phone
– Ability to share images with friends

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