NetLimiter Pro Enterprise Multilingual

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We mean both download and upload traffic, for different programs it is possible to define restrictions and usage priorities separately, also by using the firewall and blocker of this software, we can deprive the Internet of any program we want to reduce bandwidth. Do not consume in vain and make it available to other programs. With NetLimiter, complete control of the system internet gateway is in your hands and you will be the final decision maker of your internet usage.

Features of NetLimiter:

  • Simple and beautiful user interface
  •  Full monitor of internet traffic
  • Ability to define different restrictions for applications (both upload and download)
  • Has a firewall and the ability to block applications to prevent Internet connection
  • Ability to define traffic priority for different applications
  • View detailed traffic statistics using categorized data and various charts
  • Ability to specify different filters and customize them

Download NetLimiter Pro Enterprise Multilingual

Download NetLimiter Pro 4.0.67 Multilingual

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