O&O DiskImage Server (Pro/Workstation) 15.5.219 x86/x64 full

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This software supports SSDs and the latest version of the UEFI system. If it has made a complete clone or copy of the system, it is possible to restore this backup to another system, even with different hardware. This can be useful for business owners or anyone dealing with a set of systems in that instead of installing the operating system individually on different systems, it only performs the installation on one system and transfers it to a flash memory after preparing the clone. And recovers on other systems. It can also periodically back up the entire system or parts you specify.

Features of O&O DiskImage:

  • Back up your entire system or files
  • Ability to clone hard disk
  • Ability to back up even when using the system
  • Ability to recover a number of files separately
  • Monitor and report disk security risks
  • Possibility of full or incremental backup (only parts that have changed)
  • Ability to build boot disk and MRI recovery
  • Support for Windows 10

Download OO_DiskImage_Server_Edition_15.5_Build_219_x86

Download OO_DiskImage_Server_Edition_15.5_Build_219_x64


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