Overland Conveyor Belt Analyst

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Conveyor is one of the most important means of transportation in today’s systems and industries. Conveyor is a system that is widely used in factories and mines. Due to the great importance of this system, its proper and optimal design is one of the issues. It is important that Belt Analyst software is one of the suitable solutions for designing, calculating and optimizing conveyors. Using this software and similar software increases the accuracy of operations compared to manual calculations and examines various parameters in They make it possible for a short time, which is very time consuming and error prone in manual mode. The initial version of Belt Analyst dates back to 1996.

Features and Features of Belt Analyst:

  •  Calculate CEMA or DIN
  • Select the conveyor drive system and change its propulsion
  • Ability to customize defaults and change restrictions
  • Ability to print and output in PDF format
  • Select the conveyor from the database
  • Select different pulleys
  • Work with the program as a drag drop
  • Ability to write in Excel

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Download Overland Conveyor Belt Analyst

Download Overland Conveyor Belt Analyst

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