PaperCut MF x64

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PaperCut is a useful and efficient software for managing, sharing and quota printing capabilities among users. This software is widely used for local area networks where one or more printers are shared between different users. With this program, you will have complete control over the process of using paper and the printing process of users. You can easily see the number of pages printed and the details of users’ prints. How much paper a user has consumed, how many prints he has made in a certain period of time, and other statistical information will be easily provided to you by this program.

In this program, it is possible to apply various restrictions to network users. You can divide users into separate groups and define specific restrictions for each group. One of the interesting features of this software is the possibility of assigning automatic tasks to your desired users. For example, to save on printer ink consumption, you want to reduce the quality of printed documents, automatically convert them to black and white, and so on. Note that these features can be applied in addition to one person, especially for different groups or several specific users. It is also possible to automatically add watermarks to printed documents. This is a very useful feature to increase the security of documents. This software has been used in 50,000 different organizations and has had useful results.

Features and specifications of PaperCut software:

  • Beautiful environment and ease of use of the program
  • Ability to view print statistics and the amount of print resources consumed by different users
  • Ability to define different user groups and apply restrictions or automate tasks
  • Ability to define automated operations such as black and white documents when printing or adding watermarks

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