PortraitPro Standard 15.7.3 x86 / x64 + Portable

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PortraitPro, formerly known as Portrait Professional, is a professional and interesting software for beautifying faces and capturing memorable portraits. However, professionals do not believe in face beautification software and of course they have a good reason for this. None of the face retouching and beautification programs are as smart as humans. For this reason, for professional work, Photoshop and other specialized image editing software are always recommended. But there is a problem in the middle and that is the beginners. A beginner can not easily do professional telephoto with Photoshop software, is not able to illuminate and correct color, such a person is not very familiar with the concepts of layers and blends, is not very familiar with the tonality of colors. He does not understand much about aesthetic concepts.

In this situation, offering Photoshop to such a person is useless because the user can not use its capabilities well. But technology has also provided acceptable solutions for this group of people. PortraitPro software development team has made their program smart with a large number of images of beautiful and standard faces. In fact, the algorithm of this program can well understand the characteristics of a beautiful face. Such software is fully aware of the quality of facial skin brightness, hair color, the absence of spots on the skin, wrinkles and..

Just enter the photo you want. Using the marker points around the face, you select the lips, eyes and nose. The rest is just playing with the app sliders. For example, you want to enrich the color of the lips a little. This is easily done by changing a slider. It is also possible to change the color of different parts of the face. These changes are applied under the same aesthetic characteristics that we mentioned, and you do not need to worry about the artificiality of the work. Although most of the benefits of this program are for novice users, professionals can also use this program for quality and good photos that do not have much trouble to save work. The results are really tempting!

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Read the Readme.txt file.

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