Prison Life RPG 1.4.0 for Android +2.3.3

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Prison Life RPG is a very attractive game for Android that has won various awards. In this game, you play the role of a prisoner and you have to escape from adultery with an innovative plan. Doing this will not be easy, and during the game you will die several times and each time you have to change your strategy.

Features and Features of Prison Life RPG:

  • Has over 100 inmates with unique purpose and skills
  • Has 18 different skills to learn to acquire
  • 4 different bands to join them and raise the band rank
  • Ability to hire up to 7 prisoners and plan a prison escape with them
  • Has more than 80 different items that can be collected by prisoners
  • 128 different and varied achievements to earn
  • Has more than 20 different jobs
  • Different ways to escape from prison

Download Prison Life RPG 1.4.0

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