Replay Media Catcher

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One of the interesting features of this program is the intelligent naming of files based on tags and other website specifications. This software with dedicated video recording technology delivers many quality outputs to you. The software is also compatible with a large number of cloud storage services such as iTunes, Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive, and is able to automatically upload downloaded files to these services. In this way, to view clips and audio files on your phone or tablet, you will not need to copy the file to them, and by connecting directly to the cloud service, you can view the downloaded videos on any device.

Features and Features of Replay Media Catcher:

  • Download high speed video and music
  • Support for most websites including YouTube, Vimeo, Dilimotion and more
  • Instructions for downloading videos and music from various websites
  • Ability to convert video for 130 different devices
  • Ability to schedule and schedule downloads
  • Ability to save and integrate with iTunes, Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive cloud services
  • Simplicity of operation
  • Ability to monitor videos
  • Smart naming of files based on tags

Download Replay_Media_Catcher_7.0.4.0

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