Serviio Pro 2.1 Windows / macOS

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Serviio is a powerful software for setting up a media server on internal networks. With this program, you can render and prepare all kinds of audio, video and image streams for presentation on various devices such as TVs, Blu-ray players, game consoles or even smartphones. In fact, media servers are computers on which the media server software, such as Serviio, is installed, and other devices in the network send their desired media playback request to this server. The media player station renders the codec according to the type of requesting device and provides it to the device. Of course, note that to stream on multiple devices simultaneously, the media station or the media server must have the desired hardware capacity, otherwise you will face a sharp drop in speed and reduced server performance.

The list of audio, video and video formats that this software supports is as follows:

Audio: MP3 (.mp3), MP2 (.mp2), Windows Media Audio (.wma), AAC (.m4a), OGG (.ogg, .oga), FLAC (.flac), Wawpack (.wv), Musepack (.mpc), Monkey’s Audio (.ape)

Video: MPEG-1 (.mpg, .mpeg), MPEG-2 PS (.mpg, .mpeg, vob, mod), MPEG-2 TS (.ts, .m2ts), MPEG-4 (.mp4, m4v, mov), AVI (.avi, .divx), Windows Media Video (.wmv, .asf), Matroska (.mkv), Flash (.flv, .f4v), DVR-MS (.dvr, .dvr-ms) , WTV (.wtv), OGG (.ogv, .ogm), 3GP (.3gp), RealVideo (.rm, .rmvb)

Image: JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg), GIF (.gif), PNG (.png), RAW (.arw, .cr2, .crw, .dng, .raf, .raw,. Rw2, .mrw,. nef, .nrw, .pef, .srf, .orf)

Playlist: PLS (.pls), M3U (.m3u, .m3u8), ASX (.asx, .wax., .Wrx), WPL (.wpl)

Subtitles: SubRip (.srt, .txt), SSA / ASS (.ssa, .ass), MicroDVD (.sub, .txt), SAMI (.smi), VTT (.vtt), MOV open text

Features of Serviio:

  •  Stream audio, video (SD and HD), images, files in the same real format or rendered live
  • Ability to stream online content from sources such as RSS feeds, audio and video streams from TV networks, web pages
  • Supports a variety of popular playback formats
  • Support for subtitles in various formats
  • Automatically update media library when adding, deleting or updating media files on the server or even when updating file metadata
  • Support for raw or RAW images of digital cameras
  • Extensive authority to browse and navigate files in the media library
  • Support for multiple editable profiles for rendering
  • Extract metadata from media files the way you want
  • Support for thumbnails for videos, CD and DVD covers, and…
  • Ability to classify movies and series in different groups
  • Automatic classification based on the latest observations (for example, the last episode of a series you saw)
  • Has Windows, Linux, Macintosh versions (with the possibility of installing the server part on one platform and the client version on other platforms)

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