Set Set Set PRO 1.0 for Android +2.3

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Set Set Set is a very attractive and lovable game in the style of puzzle and enigma, produced by Bor Koek. If you want to challenge your brain and test its abilities, this game is a great choice. It will also boost your memory over time. In this game you have to find three of the 9 possible images that are similar or different in shape, color and shade to be able to go to the next steps. Set Set Set improves your memory quickly. In Set Set, you have to see how many sets you can find in 2 minutes, and each time you have to break your previous record, or you can break the record of others in the online section. The graphics of this game are also very interesting and the shapes and symbols are composed of various and very beautiful colors that also have suitable details.

Features and specifications of Set Set Set:

– Easy to learn the game and hard to reach the highest level
– Awesome game with different rewards after each record breaking or problem solving
– Fast and smooth gameplay
– Follow the ranking table and scores in the game online and break the record of others
– Has daily ratings
– Publish your ratings on Twitter
– Clean and beautiful graphics and also has colorful and beautiful shapes and symbols

Download Set Set Set 1.0

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