Siemens Simcenter PreScan 2019.2.0 x64

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TASS International PreSCAN, launched in 2019 with the Siemens Simcenter PreSCAN, is a powerful simulation platform used in the automotive industry. The platform is used to simulate and develop advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and vehicle safety systems based on sensor technology such as radar, laser, camera and GPS. The software helps engineers design and evaluate communications systems between vehicles and urban infrastructure (V2V and V2I) as well as self-driving (driverless) car systems. The range of applications of the powerful TASS International PreSCAN software ranges from model-based controller design to real-time testing using Cycle Valley Hardware (HIL) and Cycle Valley Software (SIL) methods.

TASS International PreSCAN uses a GPU to define and execute environments and scenarios. The user’s visual and graphical interface helps you to simulate the sensors you want after designing the desired scenario. Engineers can use MATLAB and Simulink as the main interface for building and testing algorithms and to add monitoring systems. The open source software platform enables flexible interfaces, the use of dynamic third-party vehicle modeling systems (CarSIM or dSPACE ASM), and valley cycling hardware simulations. The numerous modules available at TASS International PreSCAN provide developers with everything an advanced driver assistance system needs.

Features and specifications of TASS International PreSCAN software :

  • Modeling of various sensors (radar, camera, laser, ultrasound, infrared, etc.)
  • Design of vehicle-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-urban (V2I) communication systems
  • Design of different scenarios (road networks, bumps, bridges, etc.)
  • Ability to model pedestrians, buildings, trees, guardrails, road markings and a variety of objects
  • Simulation of different conditions in the implementation phase (day and night, rain, fog, snow and road lighting)
  • Ability to use SketchUp data, Google Earth, GPS tracking and CAD models
  • Direct connection with MATLAB, Simulink, CarSim, dSPACE and LabVIEW software

Installation guide

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