Smadav Pro 2020 v13.9.2

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Smadav is a powerful antivirus for Windows operating system. This program, like other antivirus programs, provides security coverage on your system to prevent security attacks and threats. In addition to detecting viruses and malware such as worms, trojans, adware, spammers, ransomware, و This program has a good ability to protect and detect all types of Autorun viruses. These viruses are commonly found in flash memory and removable storage media. You connect and copy files to your flash drive at a university, Internet cafe, school, or any public system unaware of it. If the system contains Autorun viruses or other malicious viruses, a copy is usually copied to your flash drive. When you bring this flash drive home and connect it to your personal system or laptop, if you do not have security coverage, the virus will run and It is also rooted in your system.

This program has a good ability to prevent this type of attacks. When you connect the flash to the system, the program prevents the execution of automatic and autorun files and clears and reports it if there is a virus. This program is updated automatically and its database always increases the security of your system with the latest information from viruses and malware. The antivirus update is automatically downloaded and installed silently. Of course, you can also update this antivirus manually and on time.

Antivirus engine

The engine of this Smadav uses the file classification system when scanning, which means that the program carefully scans only those files that are likely to be infiltrated. This speeds up the scan while also not being a security risk. Any antivirus can make a mistake in the diagnosis, so there is a section called blacklist in this program where you can introduce files that you are sure are safe to the antivirus so that it does not quarantine, delete or scan. This feature is very important for us Iranians who use a lot of cracked software because most cracked files are classified as malware due to their intrusive nature. The appearance of the program is also beautiful and has different themes that you can choose according to your taste. You can also set a password for the program so that no one but you can open the antivirus.