Sonic Jump Fever 1.5.3 for Android +4.0

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In Sonic Jump Fever, jump on the platforms and earn points and various items. In this game, you have to go as high as you can on the higher platforms and avoid falling down. Then you will be able to unlock new items and characters and also compete with your friends in the leaderboard. After climbing on many platforms, FEVER mode will be released for you, which will multiply your score.

Features and Features of Sonic Jump Fever:

  • JUMP REVOLUTION: Experience a different and unrepeatable gaming platform
  • CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS: Competing with friends and everyone who plays this game increases refinement and makes the game harder.
  • SHATTER YOUR SCORES: Open FEVER mode for more points
  • PLAY & UPGRADE A CAST OF CHARACTERS:  Play  the role of  Sonic and Knuckles and a host of characters of the alphabet  Promote the  move of unique and ability to contribute to soar in the sky  
  • UNLOCK THE POWER OF THE CHAO:  Hiring the legendary Chao from the Sonic world Find all the Chao to help to you in badniks and search for rings of hidden and open  A lot of capabilities unique  to beat !  

Download Sonic Jump Fever 1.5.3 regular version

Download Sonic Jump Fever 1.5.3 modded version

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