Techware Engineering Suite 4.0: Air / Gas / XLInterp / WinSteam

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Techware Engineering Suite is a set of plugins for performing engineering calculations in Excel. This package includes 4 plugins Air, Gas, XLInterp and WinSteam. Air @ is a complete add-on for performing thermodynamic calculations of humid air. All calculations are displayed in a concise and accurate way in Excel. Using this plugin, all kinds of calculations related to air conditioning systems, evaporative cooling systems, compressors and air turbines can be done. You can easily design the necessary equipment in a simple Excel environment without having to deal with different information tables.

Gas @ is another add-on for performing thermodynamic calculations on flue gases and related air. This additive can be used for various calculations related to the emitted gases of nitrogen, oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide and water vapor. These gases make up 99.997% of the standard air volume and 99.9% of the combustion gases. The thermodynamic functions used in this plugin perform the necessary calculations on all five gases with a precise formula and show you the result with a high degree of reliability. Equation and Computational Formula, Data Correlation and Computational Technique This plugin is all Techware proprietary.

XLInterp is a complete solution for linear and nonlinear interpolation of functions over a specified period of time. This technique is related to the branch of numerical computation in mathematics and has wide applications in engineering sciences. The function of this plugin is two variables, so the plugin deals with two tables. This plugin can perform the above calculations directly or in reverse and show you the calculation results on the chart, and finally WinSteam, the latest plugin in this package, is used for steam thermodynamic calculations. All plugins are also compatible with the latest versions of Excel .

Installation guide

Use the serials in the Serial.txt file to register the software.

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